Final Wars - Monsters - Zilla
Vital statistics
Title n/a
Gender Male
Race Mutated Iguana
Faction Flora
Status Deceased
Location Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, New York

Zilla was a large Kaiju from the Toho Multiverse, a mutated Iguana turned into a giant monster by radioactivity. Zilla was incredibly swift and agile, which was only amplified in the water.

Zilla's most known attack was on New York City, which he utterly decimated.

Researchers initially considered him to be a variant of Godzilla. This was ultimately proven untrue, although there are a small group who believe that he is indeed a variant of Godzilla.

Prominent Variants

  • The earliest variant of Zilla, while not truly a variant of Godzilla, served as the closest equivalent, and was named "Godzilla" in-universe. Asexual, it sired hundreds of eggs, which were destroyed within adison Square Garden, apart from one, which grew up to also be named Godzilla. For simplicity's sake, and to avoid confusing him with Godzilla's children, he is referred to as Zilla Junior.

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