Wilhuff Tarkin
Tarkin007 (1)
Vital statistics
Title Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Empire
Status Deceased
Location Death Star, in orbit above Yavin 4

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin was a high-ranking member of The Empire in the Star Wars Multiverse, cooperating frequently with both Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine himself.

He is most well-known for being the driving force behind the creation of the Death Star, as well as being on board during its destruction.

In some universes, he was married to Thalassa Tarkin, while more often having an affair with Natasi Daala. Both would try to destroy the Rebellion in his honour, although neither were aware of his eventual cloning by Atha Prime.

Prominent Variants

  • One of the earliest variants of Tarkin was the Aquilaen Grand Mouffe Tarkin, a religious figure affiliated with the High Council of Aquilae. Perhaps ironically, this Tarkin had nothing to do with his home reality's version of the Death Star, Darth Vader, or even the Empire itself.

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