Wenjun Chew, also known by Chew Wenjun, and many other names, was a Multiverse Traveler whose home reality has been lost to time. He journeyed from Multiverse to multiverse, spreading wisdom over the abilities of the being known as Batman.

In his wake, he left many outraged and many reverent of his supposed wisdom, leaving many to form the Church of Chew, and to argue the existence of the hypothetical "Chew-Force Batman", a being said to be able to harness what some called The "Chew-Force", that allowed him, given enough Prep-time, to defeat any other being in the Omniverse, bar none.

Chew's legacy is convoluted, having left many baffled, others hateful, and others with a new unity they had never encountered before. Chew departed the portion of the Omniverse visible to us some time ago, with some impostors claiming his name for attention. Those who do, like Chew before them, face the Banhammer, and do not have the same durability the One True Chew did.

It is noted that many believe - some of our researchers included - that Chew will one day return, bringing with him all manner of things. Some dread this, others welcome it. Only time will tell who is correct.

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