Victor von Doom
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Doom, King of Latveria
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Status Active
Location Latveria

Doctor Victor von Doom was the ruler of Latveria in the Marvel Multiverse.

An absolute genius and polymath, Doom was skilled in practically all fields of science, as well as the art of Black Magic.

Many, many times Doom attempted to take over their world, their universe, and their multiverse - many variants of him succeeding in all of these endeavors.

It's thanks to people like The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Spider-Man, and many others that he doesn't maintain this control.

Prominent Variants

  • One variant got caught up in a three-way shouting match between Cobra Commander, Skeletor, and himself. There was very little logic or common sense to be found within.
  • Another variant frequently engaged in carpooling with Darkseid and Thanos, often discussing mundane topics, such as their preferred television shows. Both Doom and Darkseid considered Thanos to be an asshole. On a later occasion, they were carpooling with their respective children, Orion (Darkseid's), Kristoff Vernard (Doom's), and Nebula (Thanos'). Their children were quite argumentative, with their parents, and each other. It eventually got to the point where Thanos threatened to bathe the Starways in the children's blood. Doom questioned Thanos about the Starways, with Darkseid pressing the matter, claiming to never have heard of Starways. Thanos maintained that they were "A Thing", before turning on the Radio and playing "Livin' La Vida Loca", a song written by the Human Ricky Martin. All but Thanos despised the song, with Doom stating once more his belief that Thanos was an asshole.

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