What would you do if you were a Serpent, 300 feet long and someone threatened your only Friend?

For Mosler, the only answer is kill.

–The film's tagline

Thunder of Gigantic Serpent was a 1987 action / kaiju film starring Pierre Kirby and Edowan Bersma. It was a cut-and-paste-edit of the Taiwanese film "King of Snake".


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  • Pierre Kirby as Ted Fast, an elite American freelance mercenary who can wipe out scores of men on his own.
  • Edowan Bersma as Bob Solomon, a power hungry crime lord who seeks control over the world through manipulating the food market.
  • Unknown actor who plays a goon killed by Fast. The same actor who played Hugo and Roland.


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The music is presumed unlicensed.

  • Isadora, by Azul Y Negro. One of two Pierre Kirby films to be opened with an Azul Y Negro song, the other being Crackdown Mission.
  • Main Theme from Re-Animator, from Re-Animator, by Richard Band. Appears roughly 40 minutes in, and again, about 54 minutes in, and 1:10 minutes in. The first time it’s used as a sting, then as car chase music.
  • Neverland, by Sisters of Mercy. Used during Ted Fast’s advance on Solomon’s car.


  • Brad Jones is a large fan of this film, so much that the second story arc of Kung Tai Ted was a parody of the Kirby B-Plot.