Doctor Hooey
Maxresdefaultturkish doctor
Vital statistics
Title The Turkish Doctor
Gender Male
Race Timelorde
Faction His own
Status Active
Location Sneeben

The Turkish Doctor, also known as Doctor Hooey, was a Variant of The Doctor that bordered the Turkish and Doctor Who Multiverses.

He was quite different than most versions of The Doctor, as his species was known as The Timelordes, and he was capable of projecting energy beams from his hands in combat, as well as using a sword with regularity. He had immense strength, as exemplified by his being capable of punching a Beedeer out of visual range.

He was flippant, and haughty, but was willing to dance with his foes after their defeat.

Due to an archive failure, we only know of one of his Companions, and little else beyond the fact that she was one. BEEDEER وقال طبيب

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