The Doctor
Vital statistics
Title The Third
Gender Male
Race Time Lord
Faction His own, United Nations Intelligence Taskforce
Status Regenerated
Location UNIT Headquarters

The Third Doctor was an incarnation of the Time Lord widely known in the Doctor Who Multiverse and beyond as The Doctor.

This incarnation was known as the Edwardian man of action, his use of Venusian Aikido, and his love of gadgets and fast cars. He spent much of his life trapped on Earth, after being exiled by the Time Lords.

After stopping several great threats to the universe at large, the Time Lords returned control of his Tardis to him, allowing him to roam the cosmos once more.

The Third Doctor was preceded by The Second Doctor, with whom he did not get along with, and was followed by The Fourth.

His most frequent foe was The Master. This was also the first incarnation of the Doctor to drive Bessie.