The Spirit
Vital statistics
Title The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water
Gender Male
Race n/a
Faction n/a
Status Active
Location Any and all sources of Water

The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water was a malevolent presence that existed wherever there was a body of water that could prove fatal to young swimmers, ranging from the dank marshlands to the rivers at your family cottage. Wherever there were children at play, the Spirit would lay in wait, gleeful at the misfortunes of the unwary, the showoffs, and the fools.

It took sociopathic glee with the deaths of these children, but was known to express fear and disgust at children who were intelligent enough to not fall into his traps. He held no power over them, and they could on occasion save those who had not yet fallen victim to him.

Of course, the Spirit could never be truly defeated, for as long as there were places where children could drown, he would be there watching.

Researchers have noted similarities to Crisis, though she is noted to be far more powerful. Any relation between the two is uncertain.