The Nostalgia Critic was a Human Film reviewer from the Channel Awesome Multiverse. Erratic and violent, The Critic is prone to flying into a rage at the drop of a hat, committing violent crimes as a result.


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He was quite resilient for a human, as he survived a shotgun blast to the head from Obscurus Lupa, as well as being able to house a portal to Hell within the confines of his anus.

Despite his nature, he has been known to be the lesser of two evils, fighting against the evil Malachite, General Zod, Terl, and The Executor.

He has been seen to have an intense rivalry with The Angry Video Game Nerd, and a lesser one with Phelous, whom he finds to be too "Meta".

Among his extended associates can be found Linkara, The Cinema Snob, and others of note.

His father was Zachary Smith, who would sometimes appear to him through a time portal. After Smith died, the Critic made peace. His brothers were Ask That Guy and Rob Walker, who was a dinosaur.

At one important moment in the Critic's timeline, he joined a game of poker being played by Rob, The Ghost of Christmas Future, and 80's Dan. Up until that point, he'd been bitter about never having any interactions with other people, only for Rob and Dan to point out that he was welcome all along.

Also of note, he once saved his entire reality from the dangers of The Plot Hole.

Among his arsenal was included his trusty handgun, as well as the Nostalgia Signal.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Handgun
  • Nostalgia Signal: A powerful search light that could project his face into the sky, visible from great distances away.
  • JO Signal: Another search light similar to the Nostalgia Signal, but dedicated exclusively to summoning JesuOtaku.