The Doctor
Tom by door
Vital statistics
Title The Fourth
Gender Male
Race Time Lord
Faction Flora
Status Regenerated
Location  ?

The Fourth Doctor was an incarnation of the Time Lord widely known in the Doctor Who Multiverse and beyond as The Doctor.

This incarnation of The Doctor was characterized by his strong wanderlust and general resentment of authority figures, coming off especially strong now.

He was mercurial and whimsical fellow, and was known to lull his opponents into a false sense of security by obfuscating stupidity, much like his second incarnation. His wit held no bounds.

He was preceded by The Third Doctor, and followed by The Fifth Doctor.

Coincidentally, this was the first incarnation of The Doctor to encounter Davros.

Far in the future of The Doctor's timeline, a dying incarnation will choose to once again take this form, becoming The Curator.

Researchers have noted a physical resemblance to Manfred Fischer, Koura, Geoffrey Hoyt, Halvarth the Elf, Anatole Blaylock, and Donald McDonald, among others.

Prominent Variants

  • The Fourth Doctor has been shown to exist in the Futurama Multiverse, having some small interactions with the Planet Express crew.
  • A variant of The Fourth Doctor encountered Captain James Kirk, as well as Mr. Spock, Leonard McCoy, and Montgomery Scott on Aprilia III, after the planet had lost contact with the Federation. They discovered the cause of this to be the Cybermen,
  • Another variant of The Fourth was known for calling various people over the telephone, including the actors who played him in realities where he was fictional. This one had odd quirks, including frequent mentions of his home planet Gallifrey being in the Constellation of Kasterberous, the distance from Galactic Center. He conducted a good portion of his business over the phone, whether it was dealing with NASA, speaking with Patrick Moore, or attempting to contact another incarnation for aid.