The Fly was a sentient Fly from an Undefined Multiverse, one who, while somewhat mischievous, did not harbor any form of malice.

One occasion, while exploring a museum, it found a surviving prehistoric fly. While the prehistoric fly was territorial and aggressive, the Fly was still welcoming towards it. When the Fly accidentally started a small fire, the prehistoric one was entranced, leading to it burning its hands. The Fly then administered ointment and bandages, causing the prehistoric fly to become much more welcoming. They shared food, as well as a fear of the stuffed creatures within the museum, leading to the prehistoric fly injuring his foot. The Fly then gave him one of its shoes. After taking its shoe back, the prehistoric fly became saddened, prompting the Fly to make it shoes out of surrounding materials. The Fly then brought it to a mural of the evolution of the fly species, allowing it to evolve. It evolved further than the Fly's level of evolution, however, becoming a robotic fly, flying away, leaving the Fly to feel alone. The Museum

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