The Claw was an Oriental terrorist from the mid-20th Century. The Axis Powers sought an alliance with him on multiple occasions, and The Claw is known for his own successful invasions of America.

His villainy was put to an end in 1945 when he was killed in battle.

This was not the end of The Claw, however. Variants of him have been known to pop up in other Multiverses, but unfortunately he has a tendency to return from the dead in these multiverses.

The earliest variants of The Claw were born in thriving town of Death's Head in Tibet, to Zola, the owner of a popular tavern there, who kept herself veiled at all times, and Mei Ting, a brute seeking half-ownership of the tavern. To do this, Mei Ting proposed to Zola, who rejected him. This led to a scuffle where Mei Ting removed the veil, exposing Zola's monstrous fangs. She agreed to the marriage to keep her secret.

They disappeared for some time, with the next time the villagers had seen them was after they plummeted off a cliff. Coming to the deceased couple's home, the villagers discovered the terrifying infant Claw therein. The town of Death's Head came together to raise him. Evil from birth, The Claw brutalized adults and children, eventually resulting in 100 men coming together to cart him off to a reform school. They didn't tolerate him for long, and he was sent to a maximum security prison.

There, The Claw's powers grew, becoming stronger and larger by the day, until he reached the height of 100 feet.

Prominent Variants

  • The Claw: A variant from a multiverse that carries his history in it's entirety, where he returned to his horrid life in the present day of 21st century Earth.

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