Sir Percy Fink
1 Sir Percy Fink, AKA The Brown Pumpernickel, Wayne and Shuster
"Le Pain... Is mightier than the sword"
Vital statistics
Title The Brown Pumpernickel, Darling of London Society
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Status Active
Location London, England
They seek him here

They seek him there

Those Frenchies seek him everywhere

Always in a pretty Pickle

That damned elusive Pumpernickel

–Sir Percy Fink, London, England

Sir Percy Fink, alias The Brown Pumpernickel, known as the Darling of London Society, was a Human from an Undefined Multiverse, operating during the time of the French Revolution, aiding French royalty to escape the guillotine. A master escape artist, able to vanish from the eyes of common folk in the blink of an eye, Fink would always leave behind his calling card, a Pumpernickel.

This earned him the ire of Maldetaite and his accomplices, who set out to London to capture him, knowing that his secret was Sir Percy Fink. Once there, they attempted to capture him peacefully, revealing that they captured his grandparents, the Lord Hillary and Lady Fink. Fink pretended to come quietly before escaping out a window, leading to a Sedan Chair chase across London. He managed to knock Maldetaite into the Thames, but was captured by his superior.

Taken to Paris to be executed, the Pumpernickel was placed on the guillotine, only to disappear before everyone's eyes, leaving a pumpernickel in his place. Maldetaite ordered for his grandparents, the Lord and Lady Fink, to be executed, but Percy swiftly rescued them. Maldetaite returned and engaged the Pumpernickel, only for the Pumpernickel to escape again.

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