Stalking of Morgan Waters
Stalking of Morgan Waters - The Stalker
Morgan Waters and Gus the Stalker at a laundromat
Vital statistics
Participants Morgan Waters, Gus the Stalker
Date  ?
Location Coin Laundromat

The Staling of Morgan Waters was a stalking perpetrated by Gus the Stalker on Morgan Waters.

Gus was an obsessive fan of Waters, wanting to spend time with him at any cost.

This came to a head when he found Waters at a Coin Laundromat doing his laundry.

Waters returned to his home to watch television, while refusing his Grandmothers Gorp cookies.

He then returned to the laundromat to put his clothes into the dryer, only to encounter Gus within the dryer. Gus wanted a position on Morgan's show, but Morgan was quite hesitant.

When Morgan returned to pick up his clothes, Gus was there yet again, offering a Juice box in a gesture of peace. Morgan refused to have Gus on his show, as he found the stalker creepy, but permitted him to hang out with him for ten minutes.

Gus wound up eating the Gorp cookies.

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