Silver Shepherd was a Human vigilante and "superhero" from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse. His sidekick was the young and plucky Ibis.


Silver Shepherd was very well-liked by the citizens of Los Angeles, for reasons Ibis did not understand.

The Shepherd claimed to have once fisted a rhinoceros. (SKETCH: Super Infidelity)


Silver Shepherd was found crying in a closet by Ibis, and explained that his lover, Roxanne, was cheating on him. Ibis attempted to boost his morale and convinced him to confront the other man, but when they arrived, Shepherd fled, leaving Ibis alone to deal with the adulterer - the Shepherd's secret identity.

Ibis grew angry with the Shepherd due to his cowardice, with the Alter-Ego mocked Ibis' costume and re-entered his apartment so as to continue his affair with Roxanne. The instant the alter-ego left, Shepherd returned. After a minor debate, they both decided to take to the streets to fight crime, not noticing an angered and presumably jilted supervillain appearing behind them. (SKETCH: Super Infidelity)

The Shepherd eventually decided to put his crime-fighting career on hiatus so as to pursue a career in the entertainment business. He was ultimately disappointed in this regard, due to his lack of participation in Wilford Warfstache's proposal for "Markiplier TV". (SKETCH: Markiplier TV)