Septimus Harding
Pleasence Barchester 6
Vital statistics
Title Reverend Septimus Harding
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Church
Status Active
Location Barsetshire

Reverend Septimus Harding was a Human from an Undefined Multiverse, and the Warden of Hiram's Hospital, as well as the precentor of Barchester Cathedral, in the English county of Barsetshire. His daughter was Susan Grantly.

He on occasion ran into trouble with Obadiah Slope.

The Barchester Chronicles

Researchers have noted a curious resemblance to Sam Loomis, Prossor, Kobras, Harker, and others, while Harding's elder daughter, Susan, is found to have resembled quite closely the daughters of other people with Harding's body type.

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