Santa Christ
Santa Christ Son of The Mask
Vital statistics
Title The Flower
Gender Male
Race Human?
Faction His own
Status Active
Location North Jerusalem

Santa Christ was a powerful force of good from the Channel Awesome Multiverse, a bastion of hope against the forces of darkness.

He was familiar with The Nostalgia Critic, among many other reviewers, as well as the Satan of their Multiverse, whom he got along quite well with.

On one occasion, while accompanying the Critic and The Cinema Snob through a forest, he was persecuted by Mario and Luigi, for preferring the game console of their competitor.

On another occasion, he was forced to save the Critic from the evils of the Son of The Mask, while having a conversation that strangley paralleled Gandalf the Grey's conversation with Frodo Baggins about the perils of the One Ring.

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