Samuel Norton
Vital statistics
Title Warden Norton
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Status Deceased
Location Shawshank Prison

Warden Samuel Norton was middle-aged Prison Warden in the mid-20th century of his Earth, in an Undefined Multiverse.

He was unscrupulous, and corrupt, and ruthless with his foes, and especially the inmates of Shawshank Prison. In contrast to all of this, he was almost always a devout Christian, prone to quoting Bible verses and holding the standards of his inmates to that of the Old Testament.

Researchers have noted his appearance to Benjamin Maxwell, as well as some variants of Leland Owlsley, among others.

Prominent Variants

  • In one universe, he led the guards and the inmates in blockading Shawshank from a Zombie Apocalypse. This went quite well for a while, as the inmates were able to farm within the prison walls, but eventually it became obvious that the zombies overtaking the prison was inevitable, and committed suicide.
  • He popped in the Family Guy Multiverse, running a different prison.

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