You don't know what death is!

–Dr. Samuel Loomis, Haddonfield, Illinois

Dr. Samuel James Loomis was the psychiatrist of Michael Myers in the John Carpenter Multiverse. In the grand variety of universes in which Loomis is present, he is almost invariably the first person to see Michael for what he is and the first person to try and stop him. Unfortunately, he first tries to play by the rules, before eventually understanding that playing by the rules would never be enough to take down Michael.

He often tries to forge connections with Myer's attempted victims, including Laurie Strode, and Jamie Lloyd.

Researchers have noted a bizarre resemblance to Prossor, Kobras, Harker, Victor Harty, Cornelius Van Damm, Pincheon, Thomas Aldrich, Fred Watson, Ellis Fowler, Colonel Kostik, Nicolai Dalchimsky, General Villanova, The Doctor, Valentine De'Ath, Dr. Freedom, Bill Brown, and the Reverend Septimus Harding, who some see as a temporally displaced alternative to one of Loomis' prominent variants.

Prominent Variants

  • A common thread among variants of Loomis is that they fight all manner of in-human and supernatural evils.
  • Father Loomis was a Priest in an another portion of the John Carpenter Multiverse. He sought to fight his reality's version of Satan. Comparisons have been noted to Father Loomis and Septimus Harding, another religious figure who strongly resembles him.
  • Dr. Doomis was another child psychologist, one who noticed something off with Lamilton Taeshawn when he just just a child, just like the main Loomis and Myers. Doomis, however, quickly lost his sanity while trying to stop Taeshawn, becoming much more unhinged and less level-headed in his quest to stop the boy.

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