Sabrina Tokkent

Sabrina Tokkent, aka Inmate W-03, was a Human criminal from the Hard Time Multiverse, an 8 foot tall 16 year old girl accused of Kidnapping, and sentenced to 97 days in the Southtown Correctional Facility.

Once there, she immediately attacked an inmate in an attempt to show dominance, but was quickly trounced. In shock, she rested on all fours for several hours, watching as Southtown's chaos unfolded around her. When the call for lights out came, she was assaulted by an officer, leading to her returning the favour by assaulting several inmates and guards.

She then attempted to enter the West Block, to return to her cell, but found her back injured, leading to her going to the prison hospital, where she was again assaulted by another officer. After sleeping for several hours and being woken up by the wake-up-call, she decided that sleeping on top of a coffin would be the best thing to do.

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