Rod Runtledge (Milhouse Van Houten)(Radioactive Man 1995)

Rod Runtledge was a Human from the Radioactive Man Multiverse, one gifted with fantastic powers by virtue of x-ray radiation exposure.

On a normal day unlike any other, Runtledge walked out into the street, where he was accidentally pinned by an x-ray machine falling out of a truck. Radioactive Man managed to save him from being crushed, but not from being exposed to rampant x-rays; The x-rays granted him various fantastic abilities.

After saving Radioactive Man from a giant flood of sulphuric acid, he went on to have many adventures with him, facing the likes of Crispy the Clown, Angry the Clown, Silly Sailor, Dr. Clownius, and even fighting extraterrestrial beings.

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