Robert's first form
Vital statistics
Title n/a
Gender Male
Race Sentient Tire
Faction His own, Army of Tires
Status Active
Location Los Angeles, California

One day, for no reason, in an Undefined Multiverse, a tire came to life. For no reason, it had sentience, and telekinetic abilities.

And for no reason, it's name was Robert.

Robert soon spotted a female motorist, Sheila, and was immediately smitten; He would follow her for quite some time.

After murdering people, the local sheriff realized that it was a tire committing the murders, and set out to burn all the tires. Robert watched from a distance, outraged. This led into a final shootout with the police, and ended with Robert's death.

Robert 2 Invasion

Robert's reincarnated form, leading the Army of Tires

Within moments, however, he was reincarnated as a tricycle. With this new form, he gazed upon Sheila one last time, and rode off. As he drove down the road, more tires were brought to life, and followed him. Eventually, they made it into a suburb, where the Hollywood sign could be seen in the distance.

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