Hi, and welcome to "Phelous finds films that fail". Nope, never saying that one again.


Phelous was a Human film reviewer from the Channel Awesome Multiverse. He was incredibly sarcastic and sardonic, as well as being incredibly bitter over being forced to watch many terrible films, as well as his constant deaths.

He got along quite well with Obscurus Lupa, as well as The Cinema Snob, while being familiar with Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and The Shredder. He had a rivalry with The Nostalgia Critic.

Andrew Dickman designed his title cards, and was almost responsible for getting him and Luke Mochrie killed. Phelous tried to stop it, but Benzaie was killed as well.

He was also familiar with Pester Z. Bum, and had a nemesis in the form of Phelous D1.

He was also the survivor of several Birdemics, as well as an attack by giant murderous rabbits.


After the Internet ghosts had taken over Earth, Phelous was one of the few survivors, cloaking himself in red to shut out the ghosts' frequency. After some time, he began receiving messages from Angry Joe, who had been killed by the ghosts, becoming one of them. Phelous later encountered him after tearing down his electrical tape defense, allowing Joe in, who wanted to be returned to life. Phelous grabbed a USB, while Joe uploaded the ghost-curing computer virus to him. After Joe had been revived, Phelous immediately questioned what Joe had done, before Joe revealed that he'd murdered many people for their supplies, before being killed by the ghosts anyways. He then shot Phelous repeatedly, laughing maniacally. Phelous would later wipe out all of the other internet ghosts.

Film Brain later appeared to him, angered that he hadn't mentioned that the TV movie he was reviewing was actually a pilot that hadn't been picked up. Film Brain then revealed to him that he was an internet ghost the whole time, and that he'd been possessing a Zombie Phelous to conduct the review. Rather than continue his existence, he attempted to destroy himself by grabbing red tape.

Phelous was at one point killed by his evil reflection, but rather than dying, chose to regenerate, turning himself into a cat,The Boogeyman - Stephen King and reviewing Meow Mix.Meow Mix In the next review, his predicament was summed up by Oancitizen, who found the overall absurdity of his life show to be worth reviewing. Phelous demanded that his needs as a cat be met as well, and when Oancitizen refused, Lupa returned with another Garlic sandwich, returning Phelous to normal. Phelous then picked up a handgun and murdered Phelous D1, who was shocked at Phelous' ruthlessness, lamenting that his plans would never be fulfilled. Phelous wanted to know why he was alive, but D1 only said that he wasn't, as Phelous had murdered him. Jeepers Creepers

One Christmas, he was incredibly bitter, banishing Michael, Shredder, Mario, Sub-Zero, and Phelous D1 from the premises.


  • Managing Phelous continuity is hard. Really hard.

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