Felix Kjellberg
PewDiePie reacting to hate videos thumbnail
PewDiePie reacting to hate videos
Vital statistics
Title PewDiePie
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own, the Bro Army, CutiePie Marzia
Status Active
Location Brighton, England, Earth

PewDiePie, born Felix Kjellberg, was a Human YouTuber and Let's Player from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, one of the most famous and well-recognized in the Omniverse itself. Known for his gaming videos as well as vlogs, PewDiePie had an incredibly sizable following known as the Bro Army due to his off-the-wall brand of comedy and charismatic delivery.

Kjellberg at one point created a video to acknowledge one of his greatest foes, the so-called Dillon the Hacker. PewDiePie observed several of the many videos Dillon had made about him, including ones in which Dillon claimed that the Bro Army was responsible for Dillon coming to PewDiePie's attention in the first place. PewDiePie observed the growth and evolution of Dillon's ideology, before declaring war on Dillon, threatening to order the Bro Army to attack him. MY BIGGEST HATER! (Pewdiepie React)

At some point after attaining 43 million subscribers, his YouTube channel was hacked by Dillon the Hacker, who wanted dominion over the Bros. Utilizing a new method of Hacking, Dillon stole PewDiePie's channel. Rising to the challenge, PewDiePie contacted Taylor Swift, whom he considered an expert hacker. She responded by telling him to Google it, and he did, becoming a master of hacking quite swiftly. He managed to retake his channel, and celebrated this while warning Dillon that he was prepared to take their war into physical combat, only to discover, that, while he may have regained his channel, all of his subscribers were gone. PEWDIEPIE IS HACKED!

PewDiePie eventually grew frustrated with JackSepticEye, deciding to roast him. THE JACKSEPTICEYE ROAST Jack would late respond in kind with another roast video. THE PEWDIEPIE ROAST

Kjellberg uploaded a video about receiving the coveted Diamond Play Button, a gift given to YouTubers whose channels hit ten million subscribers, which he believed he had received in the mail. After opening the package, however, it turned out to be the Play Button given out for receiving 100,000 subscribers, which he had attained long ago. After angrily decrying YouTube's having given out Diamond Play Buttons to many other creators, but not him, he received another package in the mail. Optimistic that this would turn out to be the object of his desires, it instead turned out to be the 1,000,000 subscriber play button, launching him into another rant. He asked the Bro Army to begin tweeting YouTube, "#givepewdshisdiamondplaybutton, and began listing a series of demands about how he wanted to receive the Diamond Play Button. Not only did he want one, he wanted four, for it to be delivered by Horse, and to be smothered by glitter, and to be delivered by a bearded, beautiful man, alongside a written, begged apology. He then went on to demand that the Bros spam YouTube with the hashtag message, until they gave into his demands and gifted him the Diamond Play Button. He swore, that if he did not receive it within a month, he would do something. THE DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON!!

At one point, Kjellberg claimed to be the son of Donald Trump. When Trump was forced to go through a heart transplant, he showed up at Townsville Medical Centre Hospital to perform the surgery. After spending time caressing and Trump, he attempted the surgery. Failing, he tried once more and successfully transplanted Trump's heart with one made of solid Gold. WOULD YOU KILL TRUMP??

He was then later kidnapped by unknown assailants, who uploaded a video to his channel, announcing that within 24 hours, something would occur. we_got_him.mp4

The kidnappers posted another video 24 hours later. The leader forcibly shaved PewDiePie, leaving only a Toothbrush mustache, briefly causing him to be overtaken by the spirit of Adolf Hitler, and to declare, "Heil Hydra". PewDiePie resisted performing the Nazi salute, but with great difficulty. The kidnapper who had shaved Kjellberg eventually revealed himself to be Brad Smith, whom Kjellberg had thought dead, while his accomplice revealed himself to be Kapuzenwurm, both of them claiming all of this having been a Social experiment. PewDiePie was relieved, believing his beard hadn't actually been shaved, only to notice that he was speaking German, and broke down in tears after realizing that not only was he still possessed, but it was not by Hitler, he was possessed by his nemesis Hitler PewDiePie. KIDNAPPED

PewDiePie eventually recovered, however, and after recording multiple gaming videos, unveiled another roast video, this one targeted directly at YouTube, due to his frustration from not receiving the Diamond Play Button, when he had earned it 84 years ago. He called out Markiplier and JackSepticEye in the beginning, as well as CinnamonToastKen, but changed his tune when Ken joined him for the roast. Somebody knocked at his door by the end of the roast, and while Ken believed it to be himself, PewDiePie wasn't so sure. THE ROAST OF YOUTUBE

It was a messenger on Horseback from the House of YouTube, who had come to deliver PewDiePie's coveted Diamond Play Button. After receiving it, Kjellberg took time to bask in its glory, only for the messenger (Who, as CinnamonToastKen had believed, was indeed CinnamonToastKen) to reveal that he had coveted the Diamond Play Button this whole time, ripping it away from PewDiePie, and fleeing into the streets of Brighton on his horse. Sinking to his knees, PewDiePie let out a loud whistle, summoning Shadowfax, Lord of Horses. With Shadowfax's aid, PewDiePie quickly tracked Ken to a beach, and engaged in a pitched gun battle. While attempting to flee once more, Ken dropped the Play Button, and it shattered. Tremendously saddened by this, he broke out in tears, lamenting his loss of the Play Button. With little other options left, he begged YouTube for another Play Button, in exchange for forgiving all of their sins. With a flash of blue lightning, Kjellberg's Play Button was restored; leaving him to roar in victory. THE DIAMOND PLAYBUTTON Markiplier later received his own, which he claimed was a result of PewDiePie's demands. MARKIPLIER'S DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON!!

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