Obscurus Lupa was a Human film reviewer from the Channel Awesome Multiverse. She loved z-grade films, which she defined as films that didn't have the budget to something well. Of course, she didn't consider all of those films bad. Some were terrible.

She got along quite well with Phelous, but not as much with The Cinema Snob, who, while she enjoyed their first encounter, ended it with violence. She also got along surprisingly well with The Nostalgia Critic, willing to eat his lunch.

She at one point posed as Freddy Krueger, fooling around with Phelous in his dreams.

At one point, she was confronted by Deadites resembling her fellow reviewers, including Phelous, The Snob, Linkara, Spoony, Film Brain, Iron Liz, and many others.

She was incredibly resistant to injury, surviving a shotgun blast to the head, courtesy of The Critic.

In one future, she was killed by Apollo Z. Hack.

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