The long-awaited crossover between Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas and the Halloween franchise.


Kirk Cameron finds himself all alone on Christmas, until he finds someone even more alone than him - Michael Myers. Discovering that Myers isn't a practicing Christian, Kirk decides to do something about that, until a series of unfortunate mishaps leave both of them naked in the cold. Now, with only a large candy cane, and a gift wrapped with the utmost care, fighting against the elements, can Kirk not only save Christmas a second time, but the soul of America's most notorious serial killer?









  • This film doesn't actually exist; it was part of a gag in an episode of The Nostalgia Critic where the Critic points out a more interesting review - specifically, The Cinema Snob's review of this film.
  • From the image on the title card for the Snob's review, the mask used in the original two films was used, making it uncertain whether it could be a part of the 4-6 or H-20 timelines, or yet another new timeline that decides to branch off from Halloween 2, as the title card subtly implies. If it does branch off from Halloween 2, one has to wonder what became of Laurie and Dr. Loomis...
  • Not only that, but given the fact that this movie in-universe was released less than two years after Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, one also has to wonder whether Saving Christmas made serious bank in the Channel Awesome Multiverse, or whether this was simply a straight-to-video release.
  • Also, what on Earth would have possessed Cameron to do this film stark naked?