The Entity, born as Missingno, was an eldritch being of vast power found in the Channel Awesome Multiverse. A destroyer of worlds and realities, Missingno sought to eradicate all reality, so that only itself could exist.


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At an unknown time, in an unspecified reality, The Entity claimed its first victim: a rice crispy treat that Lord Vyce intended to eat. This began their multiversal conflict. (TUMBLR:"Rice Crispy Treat")

While Vyce, despite his best efforts, couldn't actually defeat the Entity, it found itself annoyed and slightly weakened with each attempt, eventually luring Vyce to the homeworld of Linkara. Linkara defeated Vyce after a prolonged campaign, and did not believe in the monstrous Outer god that Vyce had sworn vengeance upon.

The Entity began toying with Linkara, randomly abducting people. This extended to Linkara's close allies, and other various reviewers. The Ninja Style Dancer figured out what the Entity was, but before he could inform Linkara, 90's Kid, possessed by the Entity, distracted Linkara and abducted him.

Soon, 90's Kid and Linkara were the last people on the planet. The Entity eventually gave itself away, and effortlessly showed invulnerability to all of Linkara's attacks. Linkara took time to think, and realized the flaw in Missingno's logic - That if it were the only thing to exist, and for it to be existence, what would be the point of existing?

Linkara then questioned what happened when an Outer god died, and the Entity, not knowing, decided to find out.

Vyce would later return, refusing to believe that Missingno was dead. He would, of course, turn out to be correct.