Merillion Tarko
Merillion Tarko
Vital statistics
Title Baron Merillion Tarko
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Empire
Status Deceased
Location Cato Neimodia

Baron Merillion Tarko was the Human ruler of Cato Neimodia, as appointed by The Empire.

Tarko ruled from the city of Tarko-Se, re-naming it and many other places after him to boost his ego, along with multiple vanity projects, such as the Tarko-Se Arena. Of course, he also came up with many lucrative projects, some of these including the Infinite Nebstar Casino, and the creation of a highly lucrative slave trade.

While he was invariably hateful of the inhabitants, he nevertheless often appropriated portions of their lifestyles and customs that appealed to him.

In the universes where Darth Vader cloned Galen Marek, Tarko would often encounter said clone on Cato Neimodia, during his search for Rahm Kota.

More foolish variants of Tarko would eventually unleash the Gorog on Marek, which would almost invariably end in Tarko's death.

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