Max Grabelski

Maxwell Grabelski was a delivery man for Freedom Express in an Undefined Multiverse. He was given the job of delivering several packages to Reinhart Bragden, a millionaire, with a $50 tip for each box.

He fouls up one night, bringing a box at 10 pm instead of 10 am, leading to an Agent Palmer falsely accusing him of Bragden's murder.

Grabelski goes on the run, accidentally swapping places with Scout Leader Jack Erickson, and being forced to take a group of young Scouts (Gordy Patterson, Milton Fishman, Dana Jareki, Kelsey Jordan, Ralph, and Barnhill) into the woods.

He learned that he had to take the children to Devil's Peak.

Researchers have noted his resemblance to Marv Merchants, among others.

Prominent Variants

  • In one multiverse, he encountered Candlejack while on his first trip with the scouts. He managed to distract him with inane banter, while the scouts secretly taped him speaking. Eventually, they spoke about the point of what would happen if Candlejack were to say his own name. He'd never thought of that, and allowed Grabelski and the scouts to go in peace. Grabelski later tricked Reinhart Bragden into saying Candlejack, and that was the end of that.

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