Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to "X"!


Markiplier was a Human Let's Player from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, one who specialized in reviewing horror games. He frequently collaborated with Muyskerm and LordMinion777, as well as Yamimash and JackSepticEye, and was supported by his close ally Tiny Box Tim.

He also on occasion collaborated with Pewdiepie, as well as TheRPGMinx.

He was at several points murdered by the Slender Man, as well as by Wilford Warfstache.

When pressed with the choice, he activated the Godshead device. Charlotte and Salvadore's deaths hit him particularly hard, as well as the fates of John and Molly Pilgrim.

Apart from Slenderman, he had nemeses in the form of an evil twin, Darkiplier, an evil copy of Tiny Box Tim, who went by the name of Hardwood, as well as the infamous Crazed Butt-Stabber, and the lesser known foe, the Mad Forest Puncher. As Darkiplier was to Markiplier, Dark Bob and Dark Wade were to Muykserm and LordMinion777.

He also witnessed the birth of the MMMMMMMMMMM species, along with Wade. MMMMMMMMMMM

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