Lord Shyamalan Devil Nostalgia Critic 1

Lord Shyamalan was a Human writer and director from the Channel Awesome Multiverse, and a dreaded foe of The Nostalgia Critic.

One occasion, while Satan, Santa Christ, and ? were in an elevator with the Critic, it was stopped, and made inoperable. They were then forced to watch one of Shyamalan's films in order to pass the time. ? was killed, raising tension between the remaining three.

When the Critic pointed out that in the film, the Devil was the killer, the Devil himself was killed, leaving only Santa Christ and the Critic. Shortly later, Santa Christ was killed by a Safe falling on his head. Satan revealed himself to have not been dead, before it was revealed that the Devil was actually Shyamalan.

The Critic proceeded to bash his film in front of him, before it turned out Santa Christ was not dead, nor was he Santa Christ, he was the Devil, here to make certain Shyamalan went back to Hell. ? was then revealed to have been Cthulhu, with all going according to his plan.

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