Wade Barnes
Vital statistics
Title LordMinion777
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own, Markiplier
Status Active
Location Cincinnati, Ohio

LordMinion777 was a Human Let's Player from an Undefined Multiverse, and a friend and ally of Markiplier and Muyskerm.

After he joined Markiplier and Muyskerm on a mission to the Moon, the three of them went on an expedition to explore craters on the surface. Wade was silently kidnapped by the Moon aliens, while Mark and Bob wondered what had happened, speculating that he was with Molly.

The pair of them followed tracks to a nearby village of Moon aliens. Putting two and two together, Mark and Bob went on a genocidal rampage, murdering many of the natives. Several Moon witches attempted to protect the natives, but were quickly killed, before Mark discovered the terrible truth: Wade had been converted into a block of Sand.

Mark and Bob planted the American flag in him, before deciding to build a railroad to carry Wade back to Earth. Set upon by Moon Creepers and vengeful natives, they embarked upon their task, before explosives derailed Wade, sending him flying off into the distance. When Mark went to recover him, suspecting he may be alive, he was possessed by Wade, who forced him to attack Bob. Bob was barely able to fight him off, and was forced to kill Mark.

Mark was respawned, but Wade had possessed Bob in the mean time, forcing Mark to attempt to gather all of his lunar equipment before suffocating on the face of the Moon, while evading Wade's attacks. Mark managed to kill the possessed Bob, but unfortunately, Wade's influence had permanently corrupted him, being able to control Mark from a distance. Bob returned, beating Mark with a rocket, before he attempted to flee with Wade, suffocating to death.

Freed from Wade's influence, he found Oxygen equipment, giving it to Bob before he died too. The pair of them realized Wade had managed to escape, and tensions rose, neither trusting the other. Mark quickly found Wade, but kept it secret, believing himself able to suppress Wade's will. After the bizarre appearance of a Cow, they both decided it best that they return to Earth. Bob wondered about leaving Wade behind, but Mark said it was for the best, having already lost control to Wade.

Musykerm was blissfully unaware, but eventually noticed Wade's dominance shining through.They both entered their rockets, preparing for the return trip, back to Earth, but Markiplier's rocket exploded; Bob had booby-trapped it, leaving Mark stranded on the Moon. He took pity on Mark, dropping rockets down to him, but Mark was still possessed by Wade. Once he reached Earth, he planned on spreading the Wade disease, turning everyone and everything into carbon copies of LordMinion777.

They both reached Earth, with Muyskerm fleeing and Markiplier going in for the kill. Mark landed in a patch of raw sewage, slowly killing him, as both of them attempted to flee the hordes of Skeletons, Zombies, and Spiders attempting to kill them both. They both managed to escape the hordes, and while holed up in a cave, Bob proposed a truce. Mark accepted, though warned that he would never let go of Wade again. However, a mysterious being burst a hole into their cave, letting a Creeper in, killing Bob and Mark, and ending Wade's reign of terror.

In the confusion that resulted, Mark lost Wade, but Bob quickly found him. They both decided to build him a Tomb, solemnly mourning his absence, while also noting the possibility of his return. WHERE IS WADE!?

Later, Bob and Mark happened upon a witch; She was able to resurrect Wade, but only as a Donkey, and the sand that was his corpse multiplied until it became a literal desert. The three of them set off into the desert to find Oregon, before accidentally trekking to the end of the world and leaping off.

Bob and Mark respawned in a town they'd been in earlier, however, Wade did not, prompting Mark to say he was dead forever. The pair domesticated new Horses, before Mark declared that it was time to deliver Moonshine to the Moonshininites, the people of the Moonshine Village, as they were in need of Moonshine.

Unfortunately, they set off in the direction in which they'd just gone, leading Bob to lay a magical trap for Mark; He left a doppelganger standing on a hill, while he stood within the Dysentery Pond. When Mark found him, Bob killed him with Dysentery. Bob later died of dysentery as well while en route back to the town.

They domesticated another pair of horses, set off in the other direction, passing by gold, and a drove of wild horses, while neither of them noted that Wade was among them. The two of them soon reached the other end of the world, before Mark started dying of dysentery. He begged Bob for for help, but was slain instead. Mark then declared a TNT War, while Bob declared he'd find Oregon on his own.

However, he was quickly killed by dysentery, and upon respawn in the village, was murdered by Mark via Bow and arrow. Mark allowed Bob to pick up his own bow and arrows, to precipitate an honourable duel. Wearing leather armor, they both took ten paces, and spun around, firing their bows. Bob attempted to use the Avada Kedavra Killing Curse, but it was for nought, as Mark triumphed, while Wade was dangled from the sky on a rope. Cut loose, he fell to the ground, dying again. More Wades were hanged from the sky, while Mark and Bob continued their duel. Muyskerm proved triumphant.

They both decided that the town was a terrible place, and decided to blow it up. They took their time to lace the town with TNT, in the streets and inside buildings, while zombies began to bring havoc. Unfortunately, a Creeper attacked Mark, detonating the TNT and meaning that only half the town was destroyed. Wade resurrected again, still a donkey, while Bob and Mark took time off. OREGON TRAIL

Wade returned, in Human form once more; He'd been exiled to a floating island in the sky. When Mark and Bob joined him, they were shocked, though were confused about previous events. Wade had no knowledge of any it, and was incredibly confused.

He and Markiplier witnessed and guided the evolution of the species of MMMMMMMMMMM.

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