Vital statistics
Title Lamp Reviewer
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Status Active
Location Shoreview, Minnesota

Linkara was a Human comic reviewer from the Channel Awesome Multiverse, and the chosen protector of his world. Along with his numerous allies, 90's Kid, Iron Liz, Harvey Finevoice, Dr. Linksano, and his ship, Comicron-1, he has fought off many evil forces, including Mechakara, Lord Vyce, The Entity, The King of Worms, Freddy Krueger, and many more.

He was the grandson of Fat Grandma.

He was among the allies of The Nostalgia Critic, coming to his aid when he was attacked by The Angry Video Game Nerd. He also assisted him with a review of a film so horrible, that if left the Critic mute.

He also quite close with Spoony, to the point that they shared a nemesis, Dr. Insano, for some time.

Angry Joe was a close ally, with him aiding Linkara in taking over Lord Vyce's ship. Ironically, Linkara at one point fought Joe's nemesis, Corporate Commander, while on his travels.

He got along well enough with The Cinema Snob, whom he called for information on obscure films during the period he was trapped in his apartment by Jaeris. The Snob would later phone him for other information.

Prominent Variants

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