Sometimes there is more truth in legend, than in history.

–Dr. Kobras, Kobras' Mansion, England

Dr. Kobras was a Human terrorist leader from an Undefined Multiverse, determined to get a golden Aztec mask, that would allow him to control minds of all of Earth's world leaders.

His plans were stopped by Tony Farms, Vadinho, and Jane Dobson.


Kobras funded Jane Dobson's archaeological dig in The Andes to uncover the Golden Mask. While he was already aware of its purpose and potential usage, she was not, and was amazed to discover that it was millennia old, and in her mind, was the proof that extraterrestrial life-forms had interfered in the development of Humanity. She wanted to go to the press with this information, but Kobras refused to allow it. She tried to go anyways, and Kobras was forced to use the Mask to bend her mind to his will.

After dismissing her, his henchman commented that no one would be able to stop him, but Kobras knew of the existence of The Pumaman, a figure shrouded in myth and legend, and the protector of the Golden Mask and the Aztecs. He ordered his henchman to send out assassins to begin killing possible Puma Men, knowing that he would be an American, and the son of a doctor who had died in a plane crash.

After four potential Pumamen were murdered in by being thrown out of high-up windows (Only a Pumaman could survive such a fall), Kobras sent Dobson to meet with Paleontologist Tony Farms, at the museum he worked at. Farms had just had his first encounter with Vadinho, and was a little unnerved, but quickly warmed up to Dobson. She invited him to a dinner at her father, the Dutch ambassador's home at the Dutch embassy, and left to communicate with Kobras, unaware that she was being spied upon by Vadinho. After commending her for her good work, he turned to his mind control device, and commanded Ambassador Dobson to make arrangements for Kobras himself to attend the dinner.

Kobras arrived at the party, meeting up with Ambassador Dobson, along with several prestigious guests involved with the British government, including Sir George Bradley, of the energy ministry, Sir John Forbes, esquith, and Sir Michael Robinson. After exchanging in an intense staring match with Farms, he escorted Ambassador Dobson and the others to a private meeting, leaving Farms with Jane.

Researchers have noticed his similarities to Prossor, President Harker, Sam Loomis, and Klaus van Blantz.