King Partyman - Partyman, by Prince
Vital statistics
Title King Partyman
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Status Active
Location  ?

King Partyman was a Human criminal from an Undefined Multiverse, one who fancied himself as royalty, and had much musical talent, singing his own theme song.

At a large social gathering, several of Partyman's goons marched in, declaring the coming of the king.

When Partyman entered, people were confused, but when Partyman cued a musician he'd payed off to start playing his song, the partiers quicky got into the swing of things.

Partyman showed off his mischevious side during the song, giving a monkey a Corn cob disguised as a Banana, a smoker an explosive Cigarette, kidnapping a woman, and breathing fire in the face of another.

Soon the police came for him, but it was too late, as he'd managed to poison everyone at the party, cackling madly as he made his getaway, leaving a sentiment that it wasn't over yet.

The Joker seemed to be a fan of Partyman's; He dressed similarly, performed similar murderous gags, and even played out Partyman's theme song while crashing a party at the Gotham Art Gallery. The main difference is that he'd poisoned everyone with Smilex gas before he entered, while Partyman poured his poison into the water after he'd made his grand entrance.