John Stalvern
Stalvern realizing that there were Demons in the base.
Vital statistics
Title n/a
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Union Aerospace Corporation
Status Undead
Location Mars
No! I must kill the demons!

–John Stalvern, Space Station Base of The UAC

John Stalvern was a Human Space Marine from the Doom Multiverse. He was notable for being one of the few whose variants always shared the same constant details.

He worked as a Space Marine for 14 years, all the while warning Cernel Joson of the dangers of Demonic Invasion. As a child on Earth, he would watch star ships taking off, and wanted to travel the stars. His father was very much against that, certain that his son would be killed by demons.


Stalvern utilising his Palsma Rifle to blow up the wall

John grew out of his fear of demons, but nevertheless knew that he would have to fight the demons. 14 years to the day he became a space marine, the UAC's space station base was invaded by demons. Joson, surviving the assault, ordered Stalvern to engage the demons. Stalvern grabbed his trusty Palsma Rifle and blew up the wall separating him from the demon hordes. After killing several demons, he was engaged by a Cyberdemon, firing Rocket Missiles. The explosive conflict resulted in the ceiling caving in, killing the Cyberdemon, but leaving Stalvern trapped and wounded. He lamented that he was unable to kill the demons still remaining, before Joson notified him that he was the Demons.

And then John was a Zombie.

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