John Mason
Vital statistics
Title n/a
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own, SAS
Status Active
Location San Francisco, California

John Mason was a British SAS agent sent on a mission to obtain tapes of American Government secrets. He obtained and hid them, but was intercepted at the Canadian border, and held without trial for over 30 years, with occasional escapes.

Eventually, his services were required to break into Alcatraz, from which he had once escaped. He and Stanley Goodspeed were required to defuse a terrorist situation. After stopping General Francis Hummel, and gaining and reciprocationg Goodspeed's respect, Goodspeed faked his death, allowing Mason to go find his daughter.

Researchers have noted his resemblance to James Bond, in not only the body, but in history, behaviour, and practically everything else. As a result, it's currently disputed as to whether he should be classified as a variant of Bond.

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