James Dale
James Dale
Vital statistics
Title President James Dale
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction United States of America
Status Deceased
Location Secret bunker

President James Dale was a Human President of The United States of America, from the Mars Attacks! Multiverse.

He was the sitting President when Martians were discovered to exist. When the Martians began their brutal invasion, Dale remained hopeful for peace between Humanity and the Martians.

Eventually, the Martians attempted to assassinate Dale, and when that failed, they launched a full-scale invasion on the White House. During the attack, Dale's daughter Taffy is separated from him, and his wife Marsha is killed.

Dale retreated to a bunker, along with what was left of the military and government. After his earlier refusal to use Nuclear weapons, Dale turned around on the prospect, only for them to have no effect. The Martians found them, and wiped everyone else out, but allowed Dale to make an impassioned speech about the possibility of unity. Unmoved, the Martians killed him.

Researchers have noted bizarre resemblances to Randle McMurphy, Jack Torrance, Jack Napier, Frank Costello, Wilbur Force, George Hanson, Buddy Rydell, and Edward Cole.

Prominent Variants

  • A variant of Dale was abducted by the Central Hub. It took some time for him to adjust to his new life, but he is doing so fairly well.

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