Vital statistics
Title President Harker
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction United States of America
Status Active
Location United States of America

President Harker was an American President in turn of the millenium America, overseeing a three-way war between America, China, and Russia, native to the John Carpenter Multiverse. At one point during the conflict, his master stroke was put into motion - A tape containing recordings of the Cold Fusion process, and how it could be put into effect.

He planned to do this at an accord between the three nations, but Air Force One was hijacked, and Harker wound up stranded in New York.

Snake Plissken was employed to rescue him, and managed to do so. However, Plissken questioned him about how much he knew the people who had died saving him. Harker cared little and responded in kind, leading Plissken to swap out the cold fusion tape with another, leading to Harker embarrassing himself in front of the foreign representatives, and for the end of the war to remain out of sight.

Researchers have noticed his physical similarities to Prossor and Kobras, among others.