Frankie Fineass 1 Marvel Universe Book of The Dead

Frankie Fineass was a Human lounge singer from the Channel Awesome Multiverse, and a pilot for the USS Phallus Fucker, under the command of Phelous, whom he affectionately referred to as "kid", a nickname that earned Phelous' ire to no end, due to their being the same age.

He was going through a midlife crisis at one point, deciding to take time off to find himself. This was refused by Phelous, who believed himself to be turning evil, and needed to time to find himself. Fineass stated that he knew Phelous was not becoming evil, but made the mistake of calling Phelous kid.

Phelous shot him with a gun. Fineass' final words were that Phelous might have been turning evil after all.

After Phelous discovered that his gun was sentient, and that every shot fired stole a part of the girl's soul, he made sure to empty his clip into Fineass' corpse, creating a hull breach and a near disaster aboard the Phallus Fucker.

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