Drej Queen
The Drej Queen
Vital statistics
Title Queen of The Drej
Gender Female
Race Drej
Faction The Drej
Status Deceased
Location Interstellar space

The Drej Queen was the ruler of the intergalactic empire of The Drej, beings of pure energy who sought dominion over all. They saw Humans as direct opponents to their ambitions, and after the reveal of Sam Tucker's Project Titan, The Queen personally ordered the detruction of Earth, nearly driving Humanity into extinction.

Eventually, Tucker's son Cale would encounter Captain Joseph Korso, who had known Cale's father and wanted his help to find the Titan. Along with Korso's crew, Cale sought out the location of the Titan. Unfortunately, both Korso and his first mate Preed were working for the Drej, seeking the Titan out to destroy it.

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