Doctor Who was a heroic martial artist from the far reaches of the Doctor Who Multiverse, a wielder of the Sonic Screw Sword, and the archnemesis of the evil Dalekor.


One occasion, Doctor Who was wandering through a forest clearing, when he was ambushed by Dalekor and his Cyber Men. Doctor Who easily fought them off, and sought to take the fight to Dalekor. When Dalekor faced him in combat, Who revealed his Sonic Screw Sword, using its melodies to weaken Dalekor, before disposing of him with several energy blasts. Japanese Doctor Who


This version of The Doctor appeared only in the short film, "Japanese Doctor Who", which served as a stylistic parody of both Doctor Who and various 70's sentai shows. Clothing wise, "Doctor Who" seems to be referring to both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, though the leather jacket in the beginning implies a touch of Christopher Eccleston.