Doctor Hu was a Human terrorist and criminal mastermind from the Toho Multiverse.

He could most often be found in 1960's Earth, heading a nebulous organization that would do the dirty deeds of their clients, so long as the money was good.

Hu was a scientific genius, being able to design and build a gargantuan robotic ape, Mechani-Kong, though he was most determined to use it to procure Element X, a highly rare mineral that could be used as a fantastic power source.

This was under contract from Madame Piranha, who sought to use Element X to empower her nation's nuclear arsenal. A mine was established in the Arctic, and Doctor Hu's Arctic Base was built around it. Unfortunately, Mechani-Kong was susceptible to damage from Element X, meaning that he would need to get the real Kong to dig for Element X.

Later, his nemesis, Carl Nelson, as well as his allies, Jiro Nomura and Susan Watson, would encounter King Kong. Hu saw the potential to exploit Kong to get the Element X and revenge on his foe.

His creation would later combat Kong on Tokyo Tower.

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