For the people picking Darkiplier as their favorite character of mine… I don’t know who Darkiplier is. He is not a “character” I play. I don’t even know when you all started calling him by that name.

You made him real. And now he knows who you are.

Why did you do this...

Markiplier, responding to questioning about Darkiplier

Darkiplier was an anomalous entity from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, a cunning and sadistic manipulator who sought to possess and destroy others.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Reality Warping: Darkiplier's very presence alters the space he occupies, though he can shut this off at will.
  • Manipulation: Darkiplier is quick to recognize an exploitable weakness and to use it to his advantage.
  • Teleportation: Darkiplier is capable of transporting both himself and others back and forth from his home dimension.


  • Fischbach has stated that Darkiplier was inspired by the G-Man.