Dalekor was a malevolent being from the far reaches of the Doctor Who Multiverse, and the sworn enemy of the heroic Doctor Who.


At one point, while Doctor Who was strolling through a forest clearing, Dalekor ambushed him with a group of his Cyber Men. Doctor Who easily fought them off, forcing Dalekor to fight him himself. However, Doctor Who summoned his Sonic Screw Sword, using its melodies to put Dalekor off balance, before hitting him with energy blasts and banishing him. Japanese Doctor Who


Dalekor appeared only in the short film, "Japanese Doctor Who", played by Horace Landy and voiced by Akie Kotabe, who also played "Doctor Who".

Dalekor is an obvious parody of Davros, wearing black leather, commanding an army of identical goons, and having the top half of his body be replaced by the top of half of a Dalek, which is the opposite of Davros.

Whether Dalekor is alive or dead is unknown; he seemingly exploded after being hit with the laser blasts from the Sonic Screw Sword, but considering both Davros' and other arch-villains' tendencies to return, even if Dalekor were dead, it likely wouldn't stop him.

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