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The Church of Chew was a religious organization that sprang up in many multiverses, devoted to the being known as Bat-God, and its prophet Wenjun Chew. The religion followed Chew's wake as he traveled from multiverse, spreading his knowledge of the being known as Batman.

Overtime, his teachings spread and grew, until people began to argue for the existence of the "Chew-Force Batman", a Variant of Batman that was said to be able to defeat any opponent - literally any opponent - given enough Prep-time.

Worshipers believe that one day Chew will return from his travels through the Omniverse, to bring them to a new stage of enlightenment. This has supposedly not yet come to pass.

Tenets of The Church of Chew

  • The worship of Batman beyond all others. Worship of the one collected being known as "Bat-God" is most common, with feats and abilities cobbled together from supposedly all variants of Batman, though worship of particular variants is accepted.
  • A loving reverence for the Prophet Wenjun Chew, who brought enlightenment to his followers. Following his example, followers will often attempt to argue that Batman could defeat any foe given enough Prep-time, though few are as well-known or as skilled as Chew himself.
  • Many smaller sects worship Jackie Chan as well. This originated from Chew himself, who believed very much that Chan was a very formidable foe. Modern sects of the Church forgo worship of him in preference of the Bat-God.

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