Explainy Pants
Captain Explainy Pants
Briefly before being shot by The Nostalgia Critic
Vital statistics
Title Captain Explainy Pants
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Status Active
Location  ?
I explain it, so you don't have to!

–Captain Explainy Pants

Captain Explainy Pants was a Human from the Channel Awesome Multiverse, who looked conspicuously like Phelous doing an impersonation of The Nostalgia Critic.

Explainy Pants at one point turned up to explain a joke Phelous had made, explaining that he had deliberately confused viewers of his show by describing one film of poor quality, while showing another film with the same and story of a higher quality. Phelous was quite bitter about the explanation. Andrew Dickman would go on to give the review an F - Minus. Explainy Pants claimed he would never return.

Phelous deliberately summoned him during a joint review with The Nostalgia Critic, where he attempted to explain the humor of a situation during the film. The Critic shot him, but he managed to explain the joke before death. Nostalgia Critic and Phelous: Child’s Play 3

Curiously, the skull that Phelous would later claim was the Critic's more closely resembled Explainy Pants.

He later returned once more while Phelous was reviewing his first review, but was quickly shot by Phelous.

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