The Bionicle Multiverse is a strange and wondrous place, the home reality of many Bio-mechanical life forms.

Different realities tend to hinge upon differences in the timeline, creating worlds based off of splinters of the original. The different realities branch off, and continue branching off, leading to realities where the contents are radically different from that of the "Prime" reality.

However, the timelines of many realities were vary similar, and the only truly visible differences were cosmetic.

Recently, however, a huge splintering occurred in this multiverse. A new universe arose, splitting off into many differing realities where the differences were very literally cosmetic. These universes almost qualify as a separate multiverse, due to the huge differences from the rest of the multiverse, but Variants are included here for simplicity's sake. Those Variants from the Second Generation will have their names emboldened.

Prominent Residents

Prominent Locations

Native Species