The Banhammer is a powerful weapon that has arisen in many universes, used to smite various criminals, loiterers, but is most often used to deal with Troll uprisings.

The Banhammer is incredibly potent, few who have taken a direct hit from one have withstood its destructive capabilities, and it takes the truly inventive and determined to return after its usage.

Of course, being so potent a weapon, the wielder may grow mad with power, causing citizens to revolt against a wielder who uses it to frequently or for sport and amusement.

Known wielders of the Banhammer are many, but it is often the sign of a good wielder that it never comes into play, needing only to be used as a deterrent.

Wielders of The Banhammer

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  • Renchamp: A wise user of The Banhammer, Renchamp uses it only when necessary, though many people's first impressions of him were that he was a little stern. Of course, that was often for good reason, and those that spent any time with him saw that he was both reasonable and willing to negotiate.

Survivors of The Banhammer

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  • Wenjun Chew: A wise sage and trickster, Wenjun Chew had many names, a Multiverse Traveler whose home reality is lost to time. He was known to travel from reality to reality, to teach others of the being commonly referred to as Batman, only to be smitten and sent on his way.

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