80's Dan 2
Welcoming The Nostalgia Critic to the Poker game
Vital statistics
Title 80's Dan
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Status Active
Location Springfield, Illinois

80's Dan was a Human from the Channel Awesome Multiverse. At one point, during his Earth's version of the 1980s, Dan was mysteriously brought to the future, through means which remain unknown to him.

Upon being brought there, he clung to his former life, attempting to give other people an appreciation for 80's culture.

R.O.B. was his roommate, and his neighbours included Travis Crabtree, and The Cinema Snob, who lived beneath him, all living in the town of Springfield, Illinois.

He got along pretty well with 90's Kid, and enjoyed playing Poker with The Ghost of Christmas Future and Rob Walker at the Nostalgia Critic's house.

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